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Are You Ready to Take Your Website to the Next Level?

Do you still pay the agency that designed your website to maintain it every month? Do you ever feel like you are overpaying or like you don't know what they are doing for you?

If you are one of the millions of business owners getting ripped off for web services, there is still a way out. Join Website Helper and connect with real marketers who can help your business.

We are a group of website owners, marketers, growth hackers, side hustlers, and domainers who want to constantly keep learning about growing our businesses.

Are you interested in these topics?

SEO & Traffic Generation

Learn tactics on all things organic SEO: keyword research, analyzing competition, content creation, local SEO, link building, tools to use etc

Lead Generation

Figure out your best channels for lead generation, where to generate and buy leads, and how to scale your lead generation efforts.

Growth Hacking

Share growth marketing ideas on how to generate more traffic, how to get press coverage, and how to run viral marketing campaigns


Share tactics that are working in E-commerce, Amazon, FBA, Etsy and more.

Domains & Flipping

Discuss buying, investing, and flipping websites and domain names. Expireds, auctions, PBNs and more.

Affiliate Marketing

Monetize your site through affiliate marketing. Find the best networks, payouts, and the right programs.

Marketing Automation

Learn about the best marketing automation tools to make your life more efficient.

Scaling Your Business

Share ideas on scaling your business, finding workers, finding affordable vendors, cutting costs etc

How can Website Helper help you?

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Website Strategy

Learn strategy from other website owners. What is currently working, what is bringing the traffic, tips for building a thriving business.

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Building Tips

How to build your website out on a budget, how to build features, where to find designers, what tools to use and more.

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Marketing Advice

Find out how other website owners are growing their business. How they are generating traffic and how they are converting them into new customers.

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Help with Anything

Have questions about an article you read? Need advice on a particular tactic? Want people to help validate ideas? Leverage our community.

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Second Opinion

Do you have another marketing consultant or marketing agency? Lean on us to help you vet what they’re suggesting.

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Vetted Vendors

What do you need help with? New accounting software? Content writers? Full redesign? Our members have recommendations.

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Who is behind Website Helper?

My name is Rob Stretch. I have been involved with online marketing for over 10 years and I've helped generate millions of pageviews and hundreds of thousands of leads in my career. My passion is helping small business owners figure out how to grow their businesses. I am convinced that a private slack community is the best way to help the most people.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

You can literally ask anything. We want to help foster a community for small business owners and hustlers to share what they have learned over the years.

What's up with the pricing?

The price you lock in is the price you will maintain until you cancel. We have a schedule to increase the price as the community grows because it's the best way to keep the community a good size. No guarantees the price you see right now will be the same price later today.

Why a Slack Group and not Facebook or a Forum?

Slack is just amazing software. It's extremely easy to use and gives you total control over all of your notifications and which threads to follow.