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HRChat.org Membership Rules:

We reserve the right to remove and delete any posts. We also reserve the right to cancel any member’s subscription and refund payment.

1. Be Professional, Kind and Courteous

Let’s treat everyone with respect. Please be civil in your comments and posts. Professionalism and respect should be your guide as you ask questions or offer opinions and guidance through comments and dialogue. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

2. No Hate Speech or Bullying

Everyone must feel safe. No bullying of any kind will be tolerated. Degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated and members will be subject to immediate removal.

3. Politics and Potentially Controversial Topics

Politics and controversial topics may be discussed as they affect the professional environment. We are a community willing to meet the demands of a changing environment head-on, however, we will not allow members to be disrespectful, use hateful speech, or spread false information.

A post deemed controversial or a post that is flagged/reported multiple times will be removed. While we do not want to or plan to censor our members’ posts, it is important that we remember the goal of this group is to support one another and to help each other grow professionally. This is not a forum for instigating controversy.

4. Blocked Members

Members may be blocked if they violate the rules of the group, exhibit aggressive behavior, use profanity or vulgar language/images, or if they are deemed to be scamming other members in some way. In the event that a member is blocked, they will be refunded their prorated membership fee for any time paid but no longer a member.

5. Advertising

This is not a sales or marketing forum. This group has been built to provide HR professionals with opportunities for peer support and virtual networking. That said, if you have a conference, an event, or opportunity that other members may benefit from we allow you to advertise in the #Promote-Yourself channel. If you have a product or service you would like to share, please limit your posts to the #Product-Advertising channel. Business posts located in any other channel will be removed immediately upon discovery. We reserve the right to remove any/all sales or marketing posts that do not follow proper protocol.

6. Employment Opportunities

This is not an employment site. We will allow our members to post open roles in our #Job Opportunities channel. Posts for positions must be for actual paid positions and must NOT appear to promote multi-level marketing or other similar schemes. Members should not blindly solicit work from one another. This is a networking site. Use proper protocol for applying to posted roles.

7. No Solicitation

Headhunting or agencies looking for job or sourcing leads is not allowed. Attempting to use this forum to access our members for solicitation will result in membership cancellation.

8. Privacy

It is not permissible for a reporter or for any member to publish information from this group without authorization. Please use professional discretion when sharing information that is exposed to you in this forum. Nothing posted in this forum should be published or quoted elsewhere, whether by admins or members, without consent. This helps preserve the integrity of our group as well as helps us to sustain the trust and connections essential to our success.

9. Scamming

Please do not share any personal information or exchange money with other members unless you know them or understand the dangers of being scammed. Use good judgement. HR Chat will not be held accountable to the actions or participation of anyone who is using this forum with malintent.

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